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Company Profile

China Xinjang Comfort International Travel Co.,Ltd ,was found 32 years ago.During its development, the agency has always stuck to the principle of emphasizing the special tour on the bases of the conventional tour and a great deal has been done. Now it’s got qualifications from state for organizing both Inbound tour & Outbound tour.
In the past years,we have organized plenty of Inbound tour & Outbound tour as well as cooperating with dozens of foreign travel agencies to carry out various adventure tours such as :
Taklamakan Desert crossing,Tianshan Mountains and Pamir Plateau trekking expeditions,K2 peak and Muztagh Ata climbing,Lop Nor exploring,
Jeep/camel back crossing along the Silk Road ,Rafting along Tarim River, Overland tour,etc .
We have well-trained staff, which are experienced and energetic,we have left our footprints along vast desert,high mountains,silk road,long rivers,ancient ruins, Buddhist caves…We have excellent equipment including various vehicles for special tour either; As a contribution to Chinese special tour,we have conducted various special tour programs for our guests.
With the second highest peak (altitude:8611m) closes to the second lowest land(altitude-154.43m).the hottest spot (49.6℃)nears the second
coldest area(-51.5℃), beautiful grassland ,vast Gobi desert,legendary silk road,various of ethnic folklore…
We present the memories of fascination, mystery and beauty.
We look forward to meeting you here in China !